Maria Walsh Midlands North-West European Selection Convention Speech 2024

On Sunday the 24th of March, I stood before Fine Gael members in Athlone and asked for their support in my re-election campaign to the European Parliament.

It’s hard to believe 5 years has passed since I stood for election in 2019. Over the past five years, I have worked hard, but more importantly, I have delivered for our Party and for the people of Midlands North West. I have delivered across a range of issues, including three key areas; healthcare, economy and rural development.

On healthcare, I have campaigned day in and day out to put mental health on the European political agenda.On the economy, protecting Ireland’s tax regime is integral. I have voted against all EU legislation that threatens our global competitive advantage. I believe gender equality isn’t just a social justice issue, it’s an economic imperative. On rural development, I have continuously voted in favour of increasing funding for the development of our small towns and villages.

No politician can run a successful campaign without party members. I wish to thank each and every one of you who will knock on doors and support Fine Gael candidates over the coming months. Our democracy is indebted to your drive. Given the events of today’s modern world, this is more relevant now than ever. I stand before you today as an advocate for peace, a champion of rural Ireland and a believer in a brighter future for all. Finally, I humbly ask you for your support on June 7th.