New allocations will provide support for special schools across Midlands-North West – MEP Maria Walsh

An essential boost in funding has been allocated to support special schools across the Midlands-North West, aimed at improving educational resources for students with significant needs, a Fine Gael MEP has said.

MEP Maria Walsh said:

‘This year’s budget brings with it a strategic investment that includes new Administrative Deputy Principal positions across our special schools here in the Midlands-North West. The addition of these roles is vital for supporting our principals in enhancing student learning experiences, and increasing engagement with the community and parents.

‘Furthermore, recognising that over half of the students in special schools are teenagers, resources have been tailored to enhance their learning environments. With the allocation of 100 new teaching posts across the country, which will be translated into a bank of post-primary teaching hours for special schools across the Midlands-North West, our schools can now offer a wider curriculum. These hours will be distributed based on the number of students aged 13 and over, allowing for a more personalised and effective educational approach.

“This allocation will enable our schools across the Midlands-North West to deliver comprehensive national curriculum subjects at both junior and senior cycles, which are specifically designed to build on individual strengths, fostering progression and smooth transitions for students.

‘This targeted investment underscores our commitment to an inclusive educational system, where every student is provided with the opportunities to reach their full potential. Special schools across the Midlands-North West stand to gain immensely from these resources, securing a future where all students have access to the quality education they deserve.

“Importantly, existing allocations will be maintained, ensuring that our ongoing projects continue without disruption. This approach not only underscores our commitment to fairness but also ensures an equitable distribution of resources across all special schools in the Midlands-North West.” MEP Walsh concluded.