Parachute Candidate: Episode 6

In episode six of Parachute Candidate, I speak with Vice Admiral Mark Mellett.

Mark served for 45 years in the Irish Naval Service, building on his skills to lead the Defence Force as Chief of Staff for over 6 years. Since his retirement in September 2021, Mark has continued his work in making positive change for Ireland and the European Union leading through his consultancy firm Green Compass which specialises in climate, offshore renewable energy, security and sustainability. His serves also as Chair of two organisations; Sage Advocacy and Maritime Area Regulatory Authority Board.

Our conversation covers a wide range of topics; growing up in the West of Ireland, developing a career dedicated to service and leading teams for over four decades. His vision for Ireland and the EU for climate goals and how we must continue to challenge ourselves in learning inspires me to continue to learn how to show up better.

My conversation with Vice Admiral Mark Mellett was recorded in August 2023.