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Mental Health / Open

Ensuring better delivery of proactive mental health services to our citizens, particularly our young people. Encouraging a healthy and open dialogue around mental health and wellbeing. We need to talk and raise visibility. It is incredibly important that we as policy makers support employers to be better equipped to signpost their employees to best practices for their mental health and wellbeing.

Agriculture / Rural = Urban

Advocating for a higher level of women in farming and tackling youth unemployment through innovation and farm diversification is essential in my ambitious plan for the Midlands-North-West. Producing a comprehensive road map that integrates balanced agricultural policies, while also protecting our planet. Our farming communities have been custodians to our lands for generations. We must support their work in the fairest way possible.


Equality For All / One = All

Fighting for equality is essential to my work as a Member of the European Parliament. Raising awareness for our Rainbow community and engaging with our young citizens, particularly in countries where there are severe issues regarding LGBTI equality is key to progressive change. Our Rainbow families need to have the same rights as all families. We must finally ban conversion therapy in Ireland and across the EU. We must also correct history and expunge the many LGBTI+ citizens who were wrongly convicted. Ensuring the voices of women and girls across Europe are amplified on matters such as gender-based violence, farming and employment.

Conference On The Future Of Europe / Embrace = Change

As Ireland’s youngest MEP, I believe in the European Project. By encouraging citizens to engage and share their thoughts on how the EU can work better for them is key to us all believing in the fundamental principles of our EU; peace, prosperity, opportunity and equality Organising events across the constituency to generate a constructive conversation is one avenue my Team and I want to connect and hear your thoughts on the Future of our European Union. We are determined to hear from citizens about the Europe they want to live, study and grow up in.

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I know there are tremendous opportunities and possibilities for our entrepreneurs to re-imagine and develop green initiatives that place Midlands-North-West at the centre of our sustainable future. I see our region not just competing within the circular economy, but leading it. I will secure business support in our agri-food and tourism sectors across Midlands-North-West to ensure this entrepreneur ambition succeeds.