Road funding essential for safety of commuters and motorists across Midlands-North West – MEP Walsh

Critical roads funding is needed across the Midlands-North West, a Fine Gael MEP  has said.

MEP Maria Walsh said nationwide road maintenance is essential for the safety of all commuters and motorists across the Midlands-North West. 

“The simple truth is that current funding levels are failing to meet the demands of our national infrastructure. Local authorities across the Midlands-North West have done their best with the resources at hand, but it’s clear that the status quo is unsustainable.

“Across the Midlands-North West, the reality is that most people still rely on our primary, secondary, and national roads to get from point A to point B.

“The relentless rain over the last six months has only worsened the situation, leaving significant damage in its wake across many of our roads.

“Our local council officials and councillors are fighting a losing battle without the necessary funds to maintain roads across the Midlands-North West. We’re trying to make do with what we’ve got, but it’s far from enough.

“Poor road conditions are not just inconveniences; they are hazards that can lead to serious accidents across the Midlands-North West. This is an area we cannot be complacent in.

Recently my Fine Gael colleague, Minister Heather Humphreys announced a record funding allocation of €40m for repairs and improvements work on non-public rural roads and laneways.

“Now, I am calling on Minister Eamon Ryan to step up and follow suit to take decisive action on this matter. We need him to unlock the funds necessary for the upkeep and enhancement of our local roads to ensure a safer, smoother future for Ireland’s road network.” MEP Walsh concluded.