Parachute Candidate: Episode 7

In episode seven of “Parachute Candidate,” I speak with Lord Michael Cashman.

Born in London, Michael has dedicated his life to improving the lived experience of the LGBTI+ community worldwide. Many will recognise Michael from his work on Albert Square as Colin Russell in “EastEnders.” In 1989, his role featured the first same-sex kiss on a British soap!

Activism is at the very core of his life, and this passion has led him to serve in the European Parliament for 15 years and in the House of Lords since 2014. Michael has positively shaped democracy, and his continued hope for positive change for all, not just some, is remarkable.

We discuss his journey as a member of the Rainbow community, co-founding Stonewall, his work in politics, and the rollback in protecting minority people. We conclude by speaking of his beloved Paul Cottingham, with whom he spent over thirty years and who sadly passed away in 2014.

Some films I suggest to watch; “The Normal Heart”, “Love, Simon”, “A Secret Love”, “Pray Away” and “The Boys in the Band”. A poignant but important song about the journey we take as community members and allies is “Boys in the Street” by Greg Holden and Seeb.