Promoting Progressive, Positive and
Inclusive Politics

Vote 1 Maria Walsh MEP on June 7th

A Strong Europe for a Stronger Ireland

I ask for your number one vote to continue my work as your MEP working across Midlands North West Promoting Progressive, Positive and Inclusive Politics

I’m proud to say that I do politics different. There was no blueprint from the Rose of Tralee to MEP! Working with my constituents on a daily basis, my sole motivation is to improve the everyday lives of the people of the Midlands-North West.

I humbly ask for your vote in the European Elections on June 7th, so I can continue fighting for you.

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My Work As Your MEP


New Human Trafficking Laws.


Pay Transparency Directive.


Mental health as an EU priority.


Increased financial supports for CAP.


Representing the voices of my constituents.

My Priorities for 2024 and Beyond


Empowering Rural Development
Directing EU funds to local authorities and community groups to invigorate and sustain our rural heartlands.


Championing Equality
Ending violence against women, eradicating pink tax, tackling gender pay gaps, enhancing healthcare accessibility and safeguarding LGBTQI+ rights.


Supporting Business Growth
Backing the 120,000 entrepreneurs and SMEs with tailored supports for growth and innovation.


Prioritising Mental Health
Advocating for a comprehensive Europe-wide mental health strategy to elevate its status as a national health priority.


Strengthening Supports for Farm Families
Investing in technology, sustainability initiatives, and holistic support systems to ensure a thriving future for farming communities.

Experienced MEP. Vote 1 on June 7th.