Parachute Candidate: Episode 1

Episode 1: Mari Steed – Ireland and the Magdalene Laundries

Welcome to my new podcast ‘Parachute Candidate’.

It’s hard to become more tolerant when too often difficult conversations are left to characters of a social media post, eroding conversations on difficult issues. The ‘us versus them’ debates is draining.

On this podcast, I believe in having conversation- the good, the bad and the difficult. Join me as I speak with people on issues impacting society. As I engage with genuine conversation.

My first conversation is with Mari Steed, the daughter of Josephine Bassett who lived within religious orders and institutions across Ireland during one of Ireland’s most shameful histories. Mari was 2 when adopted by a family from Philadelphia and is one of more than two thousand vanished babies who were exported from Ireland to the US. You will hear from our conversation the need to continue to unearth the untold experiences endured by thousands of women and their families as a result of the Magdalene Institutions. This conversation sheds light on the on-going advocacy work by Mari and many others. I am grateful to Mari for sharing her lived experience with us all.

Find out more about the podcast by listening with the above link.

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